Developing an Evaluation Organization

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I just spent time with Brian Hoessler of Strong Roots Consulting in Saskatoon. He and I have been members of the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society for almost the same amount of time. He and I sat down to discuss lessons learned from starting a program evaluation consulting business. He offered a number of resources to guide me as I am about the begin the same journey.

He passed on a few key evaluation resource websites that I wanted pass on to those of you that follow this blog.

1) Eval Central is a blog that is “blog of blogs” about evaluation. A free resource for those of you interested in keeping up to date with what the evaluation field is up to.


2) AEA 365 is a blog sponsored by the American Evaluation Association (AEA) with tips and lessons from evaluators.


My own blog here is dedicated to passing on the knowledge I am gaining in the areas of program evaluation, public relations, and leadership development. All of which work together to make social programs even better. Without getting the word out (Public Relations) about the great availability of social programs they can not grow, while developing leaders for social programs (Leadership Development) helps your programs flourish to become even better programs – for an even better Nova Scotia tomorrow.

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