Evaluation Culture in Nova Scotia

From Craig’s previous evaluation blog site: southshoreevaluation.ca (sseconsulting.ca), which has now become this site (craigmoorenovascotia.ca)!

It has been a while since my last evaluation blog update. In that time I have now become an executive with the Canadian Evaluation Society Nova Scotia Chapter. This position has given me some insight into evaluation in Nova Scotia, a province where I plan to live for the long-term after having moved back after being away for post-secondary education for almost a decade. Speaking on the culture of evaluation in the province, the 2016 Canadian Evaluation Conference in St. John’s Newfoundland had an excellent session with Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed and Rick Williams speaking about the current lack of a culture of evaluation in the province. The need for increased awareness and advocacy for evidence-informed decision making was strong and the current president of CES-NS stood to highlight that our executive take their concerns to heart and that more will be done in the coming months and years to address this culture.


I do find it important to highlight the broader discussions in the province related to the One Nova Scotia report. This report highlights the importance of working together to build a strong economy in Nova Scotia, and one that uses resources effectively. This is very much in line with the purpose of evaluation- to highlight inefficiencies in programs- and to help make recommendations for improvements. As I work this summer on an action plan for how the Canadian Evaluation Society can make a difference in Nova Scotia this report will be ever present in my mind.

There are a number of groups currently making their voices heard for changes in the province (ex. Fusion Halifax) and groups that are being led by people my age- to highlight the need for new ideas and of working together to make a more successful Nova Scotia. My hope is that CES-NS, or at least evaluation, can help make Nova Scotia prosper as we look to make our finite resources go further.

As I look out into the fog coming in off the Bedford Basin I am hopeful for the culture of evaluation in this beautiful province- it will take time- but with over 50 member of our society and a young group of executives who want their home province to stay strong as we look for jobs in this economy, I know the culture will change…it has to.

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