Craig Moore

A community developer, innovator, change leader, social organizer, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Craig grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, and moved back after a decade away for post-secondary education. He is now a mental health researcher, a board member of the Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society, a Canadian Armed Forces reserve officer, a Fusion Halifax action team member, and a proud Nova Scotian!

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In accordance with the evaluation standards set out by the Canadian Evaluation Society. Evaluation involves close consultation with a steering committee, and may involve surveys, engagement sessions, and an organizational review.
Review organizational documents, current procedures, and procedures of similar organizations. May include interviews with staff, volunteers, clients, all to make recommendations.
Speak about engaging youth in Nova Scotia, the need for program evaluation, mental health for youth and young adults (14-35), how to retain young Canadians in Nova Scotia.
Develop a web presence for community groups to ensure they can be found on the internet. Craig has designed websites for youth programs, research labs, and wellness companies.
Basic overview of program evaluation, marketing strategies for non profit organizations, survey development, and others!
Use evidence-based survey development methods to meet the needs of the organization
Using a World Cafe style event to engage participants in discussions on topics relevant to the organization’s needs
Design and help implement a marketing strategy for non profit organizations to increase the awareness of the community about their services (e.g., poster designs, social media advertising, website consulting)


Craig sensed urgency after reading the One Nova Scotia- Now or Never Report and wanted to help his province. Having lived in Ontario and Saskatchewan for college and university he believes he has skills that can help Nova Scotia prosper and develop.

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Until Now


Horizons Community Development Associates Inc.

Craig is an associate with Horizons. He provides program evaluation consultation, and helps spread the word about their work.


292 Halifax-Fairview RCACS

Craig serves as the Standards Officer. He oversees the leadership and instructional development of 60 youth (age 12-18).


Canadian Evaluation Society, Nova Scotia Chapter

Craig is the Technology Chair on the board. He attends monthly meetings and oversees the technology assets of the chapter.


Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)

Craig serves as a Unit Public Affairs Representative, and as an instructor of new Canadian Armed Forces Reserve Officers.


Worth Living Team Member

Craig is an ambassador with the Worth Living mental health awareness team.


Mood, Anxiety, Addiction, and Co-morbidity (MAAC) Lab

Craig recently served as a Project Manager where is oversees mental health related research/evaluation projects.


Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies

Craig was a research assistant, as well as a research lead, for projects in the centre.


107 Spitfire RCACS

Craig was the Training Officer and Deputy Commanding Officer. He helped grow the enrolment from 50 to over 100 youth.


Strong Roots Consulting

Craig served as a research assistant for evaluation projects in Saskatchewan.

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If you want to chat with Craig about potential projects, to hear about past projects, to see pictures of his dogs, or just to say hello, he is always happy to hear from you.